top of page is a creative offering, user-friendly 2D io game.


Voodoo Games

Who made Paper io?

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rush team is a creative offering, user-friendly 2D io game.

What is Paper io?

🎨 Navigate your piece using arrow keys or WASD.
🌈 Conquer and claim territory by enclosing areas with your trail.
⚔️ Cut off opponents' trails to eliminate them from the game.
🔄 Be cautious and protect your own trail to avoid being cut by others.
📈 Expand your area strategically to control more of the map.
🏆 Aim to capture the largest territory for a higher score.
🌟 Collect power-ups to gain advantages over your rivals.
🏅 Compete for the top spot on the leaderboard.

How to play Paper io?

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